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Horse surfing. Getting Started.

Since the invention of horse surfing nearly four years ago there have been many developments in the sport. One of the most important being the use of the dingy system. Until now. One of the main points which has held back sport from more people getting involved is the question;

  How do you attach to an English saddle? 

 Now we have the answer with the latest development of the Sea and Land Towing Harness or S.A.L.T. Harness. 1 and 2.

SALT Harness 1. £35

    This system attaches to a normal English girth with the use of the a breast girth and the center girth strap.

     The harness can be swaped from each side to pull in diferent directions. i.e from the left side or the right side.

SALT Harness 2. £25

     This system works with a Y breast plate It is a rope system which wraps around the saddle and under the bridge.  This system has a quick release just behind the saddle and can be used to tow in any direction allowing the board rider to manover from each side of the horse.

We do not recomend that these systems are used with out proper training.


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