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Sci-Fi Jousting

After the war against the machines and computers of the world. A war that pushed the human race to the edge of extinction. Machines could no longer be trusted so most of the world reversed in technology to something they could trust. Away from computer controlled vehicles and weapons. Back to that creature that it is said the history of the world is written on. Wars have been won and lost on its back countries explored. Land tamed with its help and cargo of immense size moved after all the technology could no longer be trusted we the human race remembered our oldest of work allies, the horse.

But not everyone totally dismissed machines in this new found time of the horse there are those that enhanced themselves and there steeds with the machine although it is thought that the choice was not theirs to make. it is believed that the last Ai in the final days of the war implanted his memory and parts of his technology into a human prisoner. And this was the birth of the technologically enhanced.

In this time of the horse and peace the technologically enhanced are growing in numbers the leaders of the rest of the world believe that this is an attempt by machines to extinguish the human race.

But they have a theory to how this can beaten once and for all. All the technologically enhanced are programmed from the one computer. The last Ai and his main frame is with in the prisoner from the end of the war. And his name is Zergo 3 the putrefied . He has been so twisted by the machine and enhancements that he is no longer human but more machine. Who lives for the pain and suffering of the human race. But if he can be killed then the programming of the other T.E.s should be broken.

So he has been invited here today to compete in the oldest game of chivalry a sport that has found new popularity since the rebirth of the horse as have the bravest worriers of the time. To compete in the joust…..

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