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Sibylle Heidelberger

Height:      5'6"              Hair:  Auburn          Eyes:  Blue

Outdoor Theatre and Festivals

Ground Crew                 Horse Surfing       Dan Fowler-Prime      The Independent Horse

Ground Crew/squire      Medieval Joust     Dan Fowler-Prime       The Independent Horse

Lady Hemlock               Robin Hood Festival                                                                            Elmira (Canada)

Proprietaries                  As You Like it.   Scott Holden Jones            UWO Summer Shakespeare

Princess Katherine     Shakespeare's Henry V Deane Billington-Whitely  UWO Summer Shakespeare

Proprieties                     Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead       UWO Summer Shakespeare

Proprieties           Romeo and Juliet   Caitlin Murphy/Reed Needles      UWO Summer Shakespeare

 Chorus, Apothecary,                                                                                     

Amateur Theatre:

Goth               Titus Andronicus                        Rob LeGood                                          KWLT

Bursar             MORT                                       Graham Yates                                       KWLT

Cyrus the Cesspit Cleaner


Stage Manager              Reflex Action                 Rob LeGood                                         KWLT

Stage Manager              Knave of Hearts              Graham Yeates                                   KWLT

Peggy                           The London Cuckolds )    Anita Kilgour                                       KWLT

 Viola                             Twelfth Night  

Other Skills:

BADC Stage Combat – Level 3 Certificate overall Silver Pass (2006); quarterstaff, rapier and cloak, broadsword, knife/hand-to-hand, small sword.

Basic Juggling; Full driving licence; Sports: football, tennis, badminton, squash, cycling; Climbing; Swimming;

Basic Horse riding and jousting skills



Sib also first met the team though a combat weekend in 2005 and was spotted for being good with a sword. Dan then asked Sid if she would be involved in a promotion video as a girl knight, sword fighting. In 2006 Sib returned again and trained though the winter preparing the joust show for the season 2007. 

Skills : Stage combat , Stage management  and fight direction. 

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