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  Trick Riding Lessons and courses.

  Trick Riding is basically gymnastics on horse back. First developed by the cossacks in the Ukrain around about 1000 AD. The Cossacks first used these tricks in battle as a way to out smart infantry and as a form of pyscological war fare, sometimes charging into battle whilst standing in the saddle.

During the Late 1800's and early 1900's trick riding was a major sport in America with people adapting saddles to perform one off tricks much like motor X to day. In the Last 100 years the numbers of trick riders have dwindled and now the only trick riders are professional performers working in films and live stunt shows.

Our Trick riding lessons and courses give you the opportunity to learn the skills needed  to become a trick rider. whether you want to become a professional or just develop your riding as a one off experience these lessons and courses are designd first to give you a taste of the hair raising horsemanship and then develope the art , core stregth and skill it takes to become a trick rider.

Courses are booked on a multiple or single day. So you can book any number of days Starting from £100 each with a discount the more days you book.

 Lessons are booked on a monthly turn over. The more single lessons you book per calander month the less you pay. lessons available from as little as £17.50 per person.  



more videos on horsemart.co.uk >>

more videos on horsemart.co.uk >>
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